Cooling Recovery Wrap


Dr. Cool Cooling Recovery Wrap: Make Pain Relief Convenient & Cool
Dr. Cool Cooling Recovery Wrap is the only flexible compression wrap with cooling properties on the market today. The chemical-free bandage helps clients recover quickly while allowing them to resume normal daily exercise. The versatile and patented CoolCareâ„¢ material can be used as a dry compression wrap or frozen to combine cold and compression therapies to reduce swelling and speed up healing. Because of the cold Recovery Wrap’s special properties, it stays cooler longer to shorten rehab and recovery time, plus the bandage uses wicking, regulated evaporation and moisture transportation technology for optimum performance. Just wet, wrap, roll and freeze; it comes in a variety of sizes to fit virtually any part of the body that needs dry or cold compression and support.

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Cooling Recovery Wrap Features
Flexible compression wrap with cooling properties.
Chemical-free bandage speeds recovery while maintaining normal activity.
Can be used as dry or frozen compression wrap to reduce swelling and promote faster healing.
Patented material stays colder longer and wicks-away moisture.
Counter display also available.

Sizes: 3″ x 25″, 4″ x 50″, or 6″ x 50″

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

3" x 25", 4" x 50", 6" x 50"


Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow


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